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Sanbox/Trail Account

How can I get a trail/developer account to play around with API?

Live Streaming Functionality

Does Safestream work with live streaming delivery. If so what kind of additional latency would it introduce? If live streaming is supported, up to how many concurrent user sessions will the product support?

API KEY Requested

we want to test your dinamic watermark service. It's possible to have a trial API KEy? Thanks Andrea Baldon

How can i get API key and API client ID?

How do SafeStream works for private live streaming?

I have people selling my live courses online and i need to know if SafeStream can help me with securing my Livestreams by DRM. SafeStream is an integration to a platform like GoToWebnar or does it have its own platform?

how can i get api key ?

How should I get API KEY ? I registered, but nothing :|

Is there any product available for 2K Digital Cinema

Hi, We are a 2K Digital Cinema Developer having developed Player for DCI supported 2K Digital Cinema. Do you provide visible and invisible watermarking solutions for 2K Digital Cinema

{ message: 'There are no features for the given scope' }

When I trying to watermark a video it says following message { message: 'There are no features for the given scope' }

Callbacks on video complete?

My customer is interested in adding safestream technology to their online surveys. We'd need to integrate our software with it. The key factor we'd need is a way to know (a callback, ideally) exactly when the video stopped playing and to prevent pausing playback. Are these capabilities present in your player?

SafeStream Support Test

This is just a test, please disregard