The SafeStream API provides fast, on-demand watermarking for just about any video file. Watermarked files are created in near real-time and each stream is uniquely created for each user. SafeStream actually modifies the underlying video stream so that watermarks cannot be removed. SafeStream watermarks videos both visually and forensically. The two methods combined act as a deterrent to leaks as well as a response measure for assets that have leaked.
SafeStream is used to:

  • Prevent leaks and content theft for highly valuable content, often in context of pre-release screeners, dailies, or review and approval scenarios

  • Increase the value perception of subscription-only video content. Personalize video for your specific audience by adding a user's name, email or company name. Visual watermarking not only increases the perceived value of your content but also ensures that content won't be shared with non-subscribers.

  • Brand content on-demand for online distribution and mobile viewing, preventing viewers from stripping branding elements in full-screen mode

SafeStream's unique service means you:

  • Pay For What You Use : Manual watermarking is costly because you have to prepare video for 100% of your potential audience. With SafeStream’s on-demand approach, pay only for actual views.

  • Cater to Viewers : SafeStream works on all platforms, including mobile devices, without proprietary software. Watermarked video plays back on any device, browser, or video player.

  • Watermark at Scale : SafeStream is a highly scalable service that can deliver watermarked content to a large audience without the need to add hardware or people.

Watermark video with two simple steps

Watermarking video with the SafeStream API takes just two calls: Make SafeStream aware of your video, then tell SafeStream how you want it watermarked.

Step 1: Learn how to have SafeStream ingest your video

Step 2: Watermark your video


Whats Next?

Check out the docs on authenticating. You'll need to know how to do this before you can make any calls to the SafeStream API.

SafeStream can be integrated into your existing video portal. See our examples section on common scenarios.