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Video Encoding Status Overview

SafeStream provides 1 of 4 values for the status field on each result. This describes the state of the video:

  • PENDING - Video encoding has not completed. The video cannot be watermarked while in this state.
  • INGESTED - Video encoding has completed without any errors. The video is ready to be watermarked.
  • FAILED_ENCODING - Video has failed encoding and is not usable. The video must be re-uploaded.
  • FAILED_DIGITAL_PROFILING - Video has failed digital profiling and cannot be forensically watermarked. This only applies for forensic enabled videos. The video can still be watermarked visually. Some content is not suitable for forensic watermarking, if it is too small, short, or doesn't contain enough motion. If your video is failing digital profiling and seems like it should be suitable, please try re-uploading your content, or contact support.
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