Add a visual or forensic watermark to you video

Watermark Expiration Overview


  • This does not affect the expiration on AWS signed urls returned from the POST /watermark endpoint.
  • This only applies to the specified watermarked video.
  • Expiration must be set on the initial watermark request made for a video with specified watermark settings.
  • Once a video has been watermarked with specified watermark settings, the expiration property cannot be updated.
  • Changing the watermark settings even in the slightest way will create a new watermark for a video, which would allow you to set a new expiration.
    Example: If you are using a template to watermark videos, you could change the shadowOpacity from .33 -> .34 and that would allow you to set the expiration on the new watermarked video.

Watermarking Overview

Once a video has been ingested, you can request a watermark for the video using this endpoint. At it's simplest you just need the ID or KEY of the video and the text that you'd like you have as your watermark. SafeStream will locate the video that you've already ingested and it will apply the watermark to the file.

    "key": "my-internal-id",
    "settings": [
        "content": "",
      "type": "IMAGE",
      "align": "LEFT",
      "verticalAlign": "middle",
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